HYLA Air Disinfectant


The world has a common challenge at this moment!

Our biggest value and care is our health. Our product, the HYLA has always been a big part of hygiene and well-being!

The combination of HYLA EST & our unique HYLA Disinfectant & Aqua Fresh reduces virus infection drastically! German Institutes including GERMAN TÜV confirm the high effect of our products!

HYLA Air Disinfectant kill viruses, germs and bacteria.

Recently, HYLA International GmbH & Co. KG donated to the German Hospital www.filderklinik.de some of HYLA air purification products such as 900 bottles of HYLA Air Disinfectant, Aqua Fresh and Essential Oils to help the hospital to keep the environment clean and sanitised. All these can be solutions can be added to the HYLA AERA or HYLA EST Air & Room Cleaning System to effective disinfect the air and keep the hospital clean and maintain a hygiene environment. 

It's a small donation from HYLA in appreciation to all the doctors and nursing staff in the world who are working hard day and night to protect the well-being of the people. A big "Thank You" from HYLA.

Mr. WIlfried Metzger & Mr. Giuseppi Madonia from HYLA presenting the goods to Filder Klinik in Germany.