HYLA Malaysia

HYLA EST DEFENDER Air & Room Cleaning System

SKU: SKU40390


HYLA is world's only 100% water based filtration vacuum and air cleaning system that uses "water separator" technology to separates air from water. No bag! No filter! Absolutely 100% water. The HYLA patented self-cleaning water separator removes fine dust, allergens, gases and dust mites during vacuuming and refreshes the air in the room during use. Highly recommended for allergy sufferers.

  • Maintenance-Free
  • German Technology - Hand Assembled & Precision Made
  • 5 Years Manufacturers' Warranty* with 1-For-1 Exchange For First Year
  • Product Lifespan Of Minimum 15 Years
  • Lifetime Guarantee On Spare Parts & Accessories Availability
  • 24/7 User Training Upon Request

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