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Highly recommended for allergy sufferers.

HYLA is world's only 100% water based filtration air cleaning system that uses "water separator" technology to separates air from water. No bag! No filter! No HEPA! Absolutely 100% water as its filtration.

The New HYLA Defender Shield patented self-cleaning water separator removes 99.9% fine dust, allergens, gases and dust mites. Powered by Magnet-Eco brushless motor, it is recommended for quick-performance air cleaning. With built-in timer of 25 minutes cleaning cycle, air in each room or area is thoroughly cleanse with a quick press of a button!

Invigorate your senses with Aromatherapy. Adding a few drops of HYLA Essential Oils or your own preferred essential oil into the water. In an instant, the clean fresh air will be treated.

Treating the air with Eucalyptus oil is highly suggested for dust-allergy or even asthma sufferers. 


  • Maintenance-Free
  • German Technology - Hand Assembled & Precision Made
  • 3 Years Manufacturers' Warranty*
  • Lifetime Guarantee On Spare Parts & Accessories Availability
  • 24/7 User Training Upon Request

Package Descriptions:

  • 1 Unit of HYLA EST Defender Shield INSTAFRESH AIR comes with a low profile trolley.


Now it's so affordable with 6, 12, 24 & 36 months EzyPay instalments.