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HYLA - Premium Plus Package

Highly recommended for commercial users. 

HYLA - Premium Plus Package is suitable for all types of commercial users who need a reliable and trouble-free machine for their daily operation use to support their businesses. With an additional HYLA Nimbus(wet cleaning & shampooing system) attachment to complement the HYLA EST, it is now an all-rounder machine to perform not only air cleaning, general vacuuming, deep cleaning of mattresses, upholstery and carpets, it can also perform shampooing of carpets, upholstery, mattresses, mopping & many more! 

HYLA Premium Plus Package is the absolute answer to commercial users who wish to keep long term maintenance costs to the minimum. As a result of lower maintenance cost, it means more profits for the business!

HYLA EST is world's only 100% water based filtration vacuum and air cleaning system that uses "water separator" technology to separates air from water. No bag! No filter! No HEPA! Absolutely 100% water. The HYLA patented self-cleaning water separator removes 99.9% fine dust, allergens, gases and dust mites during vacuuming and refreshes the air in the room during use.

Package Descriptions:


  • 5 Years Warranty


HYLA Vacuum Cleaning Accessories

  • Flexible Dry Suction Hose
  • Hard Dry Tube EST (2 pcs)
  • 1 Crevice Tool (1 pc)
  • 1 Modular Nozzle Set
  • 1 Clothes Brush EST
  • 1 Furniture Brush EST
  • 1 Multi-purpose Brush
  • 1 Blowing Nozzle EST


Deep Cleaning Extractor For Mattresses & Carpets 

  • 1 HYLA Ventus Electro Brush (Deep Extractor)
  • 1 Flexible Electro Suction Hose with Remote Control
  • Hard Electro Tube EST (2pcs)


HYLA Nimbus (Wet Cleaning & Shampooing System)

  • 1 Nimbus Fresh-Water Tank 
  • 1 Flexible Water Hose EST With Valve
  • 1 Wet Hard Floor Nozzle EST
  • 1 Wet Carpet Nozzle EST
  • 1 Wet Upholstery Nozzle EST
  • 1 Spray Nozzle
  • 1 bottle of HYLA Cleanser For Hard Floors (500ml)
  • 1 bottle of HYLA Cleanser For Carpeted Floors & Upholstery (500ml)
  • Hard Water Tube (2pcs)

 * 2 Years Warranty For Commercial Use


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