# So Clean! So Fresh! Every time, with only 4 litres of water.

Watch the amazing HYLA in action, cleaning everything in your home with just 4 litres of water. Designed for all types of flooring, wallpapers, curtains, blinds, furnitures, removing dust mites from mattresses, carpets and upholstery sofas, wet cleaning and shampooing, and even purifying the air that we breathe in! All-in-One!

No more multiple devices! No more allergies! No more hassle of changing bags and filters. In each cleaning, the HYLA returns only 100% clean, fresh water washed air to your home environment.

# H Y L A I N A C T I O N

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# W E A R E H Y L A

Years Established

Countries Worldwide

Users Worldwide

# Millions of users worldwide have benefitted from using the HYLA.

HYLA is the trusted brand among consumers around the world for more than 30 years since its establishment in 1990. Royalties, celebrities, rich and famous and ordinary people alike who pursue perfection in life and settle nothing for less when it comes to health, cleanliness and hygience, they choose HYLA.

Watch some of the testimony from our HYLA users.

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HYLA users for more than 8 years


HYLA helps my family overcome during haze problem