HYLA EST DEFENDER SHIELD Air & Room Cleaning System Complete Set

HYLA EST DEFENDER SHIELD Air & Room Cleaning System Complete Set

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HYLA is world's only 100% water based filtration vacuum and air cleaning system that uses "water separator" technology to separates air from water. No bag! No filter! Absolutely 100% water. The HYLA patented self-cleaning water separator removes fine dust, allergens, gases and dust mites during vacuuming and refreshes the air in the room during use. Highly recommended for allergy sufferers.

  • Maintenance-Free
  • German Technology - Hand Assembled & Precision Made
  • 5 Years Manufacturers' Warranty* with 1-For-1 Exchange For First Year
  • Product Lifespan Of Minimum 15 Years
  • Lifetime Guarantee On Spare Parts & Accessories Availability
  • 24/7 User Training Upon Request

Thousands Of HYLA Users Already Enjoying

The Amazing Benefits Of HYLA

30 Days Risk-Free Purchase

100% Satisfaction Or Your Money Back
We want you to be satisfied with your HYLA EST Air & Room Cleaning System. So, if after using our product and you are not satisfied for whatever reason then we’re offering a 30 days risk-free money back guarantee!

Personalised Delivery

Our trained professional HYLA team personnel will be delivering the HYLA directly to you. Anytime, Anywhere within Peninsular Malaysia.  We delivers every 7 days a week!

5 Years Manufacturers' Warranty

Your HYLA is warranted against defective material and manufacturing faults such as Electric Motor and Electrical Components & Parts for a period of five(5) years! 

Free User Training

We are committed to ensure that you enjoy the fullest benefits when you purchased a HYLA. We'll give you a thorough user-experience training to you or whoever you assigned to use the HYLA. It's FREE during the entire warranty period! 

Zero Maintenance

Enjoy peace of mind when you start to use the HYLA! Gone are the days when you need to discard messy clogged bags and filters! Thanks to our HYLA self-cleaning water separator technology!


Our HYLA is allergy-friendly and certified by ZPMed - The Center of Preventive Medicine. It complies with the requirements of preventative medicine as being a health product. 

Smart Timer

Built in with a smart timer for higher air cleaning efficiency. Automatic shutdown after 25 minutes in air cleaning mode.

Fresh Air Every Use

Enjoy clean fresh water washed air on every use with our worldwide patented water separator technology. Optimum filtration of up to 99.9% with the use of only 100% water!

No Filter Replacement

Say goodbye to costly filters replacement! No more going through the process of changing messy filters especially for allergy sufferers. Saving you time, effort & money!

Self-Cleaning Separator

HYLA is the only water separator cleaning system in the world that uses self-cleaning water separator. Our technology is worldwide patented. Patent SI 20461; Patent Ep 1262269; Patent US 7.203.992.82

High Quality Assurance

HYLA is manufactured using certified quality of high-tech plastic granulate from world renowned BASF in accordance to ISO 9001 standards. 

One Touch Smart Operation

HYLA is renowned for its simple-to-use one touch button with dual-mode operation for air cleaning and vacuuming. HYLA is awarded by the prestigious European Plus-X Award for ease of use, functionality, high quality and design.

RFID Remote Control

The HYLA comes with a RFID remote control ensuring that you have a better control while vacuuming. 

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