HYLA - the eco-friendly water separator cleaning system

If ever there is a machine that you truly need, it is the HYLA EST. The HYLA EST is an environmentally - friendly vacuum cleaner that uses only water as the filter and does not require dust bags or any other filters. 

How does it work? The HYLA EST’s water separator filtration system traps dirt, dust and allergens in the water. The system forces the air through a water bath and a separator separates the air from the water so that only clean freshly-washed air is returned. This system ensures superior airflow consistency and filtration efficiency.

While the vacuum cleaner purifies and refreshes the air, it also gets rid of odours from smoke, cooking or any other bad smell. In fact, it purifies 3 cubic metres of air per minute! For that extra touch, add a few drops of fragrance into the water pan to leave the room smelling great.

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